Sep 1, 2007
Hi all

New here, great forum, alot of good info, to much to go I just bought the 125, im gonna attempt to replace the clutch, any suggestions on how to and any special tools needed to do this?



Oct 19, 2006
If you have to replace the hub and basket, an impact wrench makes the job 100x easier. Also, don't forget to buy the washer under the large nut that holds the hub on. Replacing just the frictions is very easy and takes less than 30 minutes. Just put the bike in gear and use the brake or stick a board between the spokes and swingarm to keep the transmission from turning while you loosen/tighten the pressure plate bolts (the ones with the springs under them). It's generally a good idea to replace the springs with the frictions if you kit doesn't already include them. The frictions can be replaced without removing the entire side cover, but the hub and basket require you remove that. In this case, don't forget to replace the gasket.
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