Feb 11, 2007
I have a few questions if you dont mind. I am sure this has been beaten up somewhere on the forum so sorry for the repeat.

I live in Portland, OR. Elevation I ride at ranges from 250 ft to 1500 ft. And trypcall wet and muddy. Sometimes we hit eastern OR which is 4000 to 5500 ft.

I have the PJ carb still. Runs so so.

Current setup is:
Pump gas
40:1 Golden Spectro
Air box lid on
FMF with Turbine silencer
155 MJ (Seems really small)
??? PJ
Needle in the 3rd.
AS - 1 turn out.
Stock gaskets, reeds and piston

Any good starting point you folks can recommend?

1.) Fuel, hi Oct pump or 50/50?
2.) Ratio 32:1 or 40:1
3.) Oil brand? Full syn?
4.) MJ?
5.) PJ?
6.) Needle?
7.) Air Screw?
8.) Airbox lid?

I appreciate your time.



Mar 23, 2005
I have a 96 RMX,
it runs great with Amsoil at 50:1
-remove your air box lid and let that engine breath.
use a cylinder base gasket from a 89 RM 250 because they are thinner
-get a PWK Air Striker carbs if you can, the stock carbs aren't that great (can't help you on jetting specs)
Do you have a manual?
-Boyeseen reeds
-FMF silencer's are good but you should repack it when it starts to get loud.
There are after market pipes for them but I just use the stock pipe.
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