'99 & '02 CR250 Rear Wheel interchangability?


Aug 8, 2003
A freind of mine has just purchased a 2002 CR250. He currently owns a 1999 CR250. The only problem with the '02 is that the rear wheel has a small dent in it and has some loose spokes. My question is...can we just put his 1999 rear wheel assembly on the '02. The hub looks as though it is designed a little different but appears to be the same size. Same for the rear brake caliper position and rotor.

Any know if they are the same?

Thanks, Stacy


Apr 5, 2000
The stock rear hubs are not interchangable from the 99 to the 02. The axle size was increased in 00. The front will interchange as long as you use the correct wheel spacers. The 99 front hub will fit the 02 using the 02 spacers.

If you are lucky enough to have talon hubs, there is a kit available to make the conversion.

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