Dec 8, 1999
I bought dust and oil seals for my 99 WR400 yesterday, and need a bit of help deciphering the manual. Also, can someone post the link to Jeremy's HUGE post about taking apart forks, I couldn't find it... Hope you know what I am talking about.

Let me make sure I have this right. I take off the forks, then remove cap bolt from outer tube. Then I remove the cap bolt from the spring guide. The dust seal then comes off, and then the stopper ring. Then I move the inner tube in and pull it out rapidly to get the oil seal out, then replace the seals, and put it all back togethor.


I would imagine I am removing the spring right after I take off the cap bolt? And pumping (or pouring?) out the oil at the same time?

Do I need the damper rod holder tool? Doesn't seem like I would, as it is for the next step in the manual... (this is all located on pages 5-29 and 5-30 in WR400FL)

I don't ever need to remove the base valve correct?

I don't have a fork seal driver. Is there anything else that can be used? (I have heard of people using PVC) Do I REALLY need one, or does it just make life easier?

Lastly, do the fork spring shims (preload shims) make a noticable difference? I was considering installing a few, to get my forks a bit stiffer...


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Nov 25, 1999
Bottonfly, I did my first ever replacement of seals this week. Do you have access to an impact wrench? You'll need two specialty tools. A seal driver and a 1/2" drive impact allen wrench (the KX was a 14mm). I started the disassemble process by turning the axel end up and removing the valve assembly with the impact. Then pour out the fluid. Work the dust cover up, it should not be too difficult. Next their is a keeper ring on top of the seal. Work the ring out of the groove and your just about there. Now, remove the top cap and pull the damping rod, spring, and cartridge out and set is aside to drip off. Grasp the tube and pull them abruptly several times and the seal should come out. Remove the bushings, and washer noticing which way the bevel is and pull the seal and dust cover off of the tube.

This next tip is from Eric Gore's book (giving credit were it is due). Take a plastic bag and cover the end of the tube. Work your dust cover on over the bag and repeat with the seal. Pull the plastic bag off and reassemble. I hope this helps. I've only done this twice (once each fork) and the second one went much easier and faster.

Maby someone can clearify this or simplify it and give you a sequence for filling the forks with oil and bleeding the air.

I feel like I have written the longest 'run-on' sentence of my life (sigh). Good luck.
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