A little accident


Jan 7, 2004
About 5 months ago i got a new CRF230F, and me and some family friends went for a camping trip. We were heading back to the site along a wet cement road, in 3rd gear, and a car came flying aroung the corner just ahead of us. So I did as any person would do, I hit the brakes (it was the first time on a bike that big and I wasnt used to the braking). The car slowed down and pulled off to the side of the road as i rolled by on the ground. I got some road rash on my arm and my jersey was torn to shreads, but it didnt help that my friends were on their bikes laughing their heads off, but i have to admit it was funny, because earlier that day one of my friends did the same thing, but it was off a little drop off, and he thought he would clear a rock infront of him. He ended up bottoming out on the rock, flying off his bike, did a faceplant in the grass and slid almost 10 feet on his face with his bike ontop of him.

I did learn a valuble lesson that weekend though. It hurts when you fall on cement...

I have a pic of the roadrash after 5 days of healing.