honda bob

Jun 1, 2001
Has anyone ever seen a XR 250+ with the a loop CR tank and radiator scoops ? I saw one on a bike and I fell in love I went to and they are about $400 or somthing for 95 to 01 250's and 96 to 01 400's. Do you think they are worth that much $$$$.

Also what is a good silencer that is loud and gains more ponys for my XR250R?


Sep 20, 1999
hey bob, you might do a search on the aloop setup, there were a couple of threads on that a couple of weeks ago. i thought it made a huge diff on the xr4 i rode with 1, but whether it's worth the $, only you can answer that 1! there are quiet pipes out there that will add power w/o adding to the noise problem.


Jun 10, 2001
Honda bob:
I've had both a 250 and a 400, and I can say w/out hesitation that it's alot of money, but man yeh, it's worth it ! It totally changes the bike. It not only changes the looks to way cool! Hey, face it, it's important, but it put you up on the tank/front end like you know you ought to be, and the pig turns like you really thought it ought to all this time. The mags ran a feature on the WR250F and said before one does anything, go change the seat/tank to the combo IMS sells. it totally makes the bike. I did it,cause I had done the A-Loop conversion before. Well, A-Loop does the same thing , only the article won't be printed as the bike is "not new now". Hey, the XR's are GREAT bikes for what they are built for...I really regret selling mine!
FMF makes the pipe you want. Quiet ,but power added. The stocker is a heavy ,power eating pig.


Jun 1, 2000
Well one things for sure it wont look like a stock Xr. The mags gotta have it, forward riding BS drives me nuts. Take it for what its worth my 98 Xr 400 will do the same lap times with both tank and seat combos. So for $400.00 I sure should be faster with this forward seating setup or less tired or something. The most I get is "Hey is that a Honda?" The A loop kit makes the saddle taller so your up higher and thats not a bounus when turning. The bike does look better so if you have cash to burn get it. Beware the A loop tank holds less than 2 gallons of gas so long trail rides you have to pack gas. Also I found that Cr 250 seat covers will work on the A loop seat base, so will the graphics for a great look!


Too much of a good thing.
Nov 22, 2000
I bought the kit for my XR4 cuz I was tired of playin' with the fat kids. It was worth the coin just for the looks alone. It made a huge diff to me, but I'm just an old guy.

I did 38 miles at Skyline once and barely made it back to the truck. Fuel capacity does suffer.
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