Aug 1, 2007
hi, unfortunitley this is the only way for me to contact you. I cannot PM any of you it says i do not have permission. I also cannot post in some topics such as the for sale section and new member thread. Just trying to let you know, i'm sure you'll remove this once you see it. Thanks

Rich Rohrich

Moderator / BioHazard
Jul 27, 1999
Okiewan/Admin said:
Membership Info:

There are 3 levels of Membership on DRN. When you first join the forums, you are a Registered user. You can read, reply to and post new threads. This is the base level membership.

Becoming a Subscriber Adds the following Functionality/Features:
  1. Unlimited daily posting
  2. Space in the DRN Garage
  3. Avatars - (A library to choose from)
  4. Ability to post pictures in threads/posts
  5. Ability to post (and view) pics in the photo album, with public and your own private albums
  6. Use Signatures in your posts
  7. Post for sale items in the For Sale/Wanted Forum
  8. DirtRider.Net Email (yourname@dirtrider.net) Web-Based Email Client
  9. Use Private Messaging
  10. View member profiles
  11. Post Polls in forums
  12. Post events in the calendar (add race dates, TV times, etc)
Becoming a SupportTeam Member adds the following (including functions in the Subscriber Level):
  1. Special SupportTeam Avatar
  2. Private, Members Only Forum (it's hoppin' in there!)
  3. Exclusive Content
  4. Expanded space in the photo album for your pics (5 megs of space for your MotoPhotos)
  5. SupportTeam Only, Live Chat: "The Pit" Flash based and very cool! Caution: can contain content more suited for adults.
  6. Member Discounts at participating companies
  7. DirtWeek 10% Registration Discount
In addition, there is a LifeTime Membership option on the SupportTeam Membership... which covers your DRN membership for life.

<<<<<<<<< Why? >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Support DRN, Feel Good :)

DRN has grown dramatically over the last 5 years and there is no end in sight. As such, our costs to maintain the site have gone through the roof. In an effort to keep the site self supportive and maintain continued growth, we have developed upgrade programs: DRN Subscriptions & DRN SupportTeam Memberships.

What is it?
It's for those that would like to contribute to the forums to insure it's longevity and continued evolution. This program was designed to help offset the operating costs of the dedicated server, bandwidth and developmental/software costs. Your support will allow us to continue to improve the site and cover the costs associated with providing this resource.

Is DRN worth $3.25 a month to you?

These programs are optional. Other forums like DRN have gone to full subscription based programs, forcing all members to contribute. We're doing it differently. We'd ask that those that WANT to contribute, do so. For those that can't, or prefer not to, you can still use the forums, but on a limited basis.

How to Join
To join one of the memberships, please go to "User CP" (the link in the nav bar at the top of the forums). That will take you to your control panel. See the links on the left side of the screen in the user control panel, scroll to the bottom and click "DRN Memberships" then select an option.

We hope you find value in the Forums and will consider supporting it!
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