May 30, 2001
this is what happened, first off the forks were shot on the 99 yz 250 so i was doing a dump and flush. when i got the front tire off the left slider just dropped to the ground. that was my first clue that something was wrong. I took the top cap off and it was not even screwed on to the damper rod, it literaly went airborn and i had to retrieve the three pieces from all over the shop. i inspected it and the first 2 or 3 threads are toast, then the next two are worn bad enough so that the cap will not thread back on.
here is what I think caused it, the nut on the damping rod is not tight, you can screw it all the way off. so here are my questions, 1. since only the first few threads are toast can the remaining threads be cleaned?
2. how do i tighted the stop nut back onto the damper rod? i know there is a damper rod tool but it looks like it does not allow access to the nut at the top of the rod.
i need to do this as cost effectively as possible, I am hoping I can just tighten the damper rod and clean the threads
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