We need to cover DirtRider's expences
for the next year.
Every little bit helps!

After 20 years of this, I need your help.

Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
I won't go into how difficult this decision was to make. Mostly it's about pride.

In 1999 when DirtRider.Net started, the goal was to provide a place for people to talk about dirt bikes and help each other out. For the knowledgeable to share their experience with those just starting out. A place to bench race and share stories. All of that and more happened. We soon hit 100,000 members and a million posts. DRN was arguably the first modern-day dirt bike forum.

Fast forward to today.

I've always tried to be creative in ways to raise funds to cover the costs associated with running a large site. At the end of the day, advertising proved to be the best and covered most of it. That's just not the case anymore. Online ad revenue is down across the web and DRN is feeling the pinch big time. The investments in new server hardware and software keeping going up while revenue keeps going down. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to fund it all out of pocket; you can bet I would if I could. There's 20 years of dirt bike info that needs to preserved and available.

So for the first time 20 years, I put up a "Donate" button today. That's where the pride thing comes in. I REALLY don't want to do it. I have no idea if folks will donate or not, but at this point I have to give it a go.

So, if you can, and you want to, any contribution would be helpful and very much appreciated. I want to keep this going another 20!

( See the button in the sidebar or click here: Donate )
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Damn Yankees
May 14, 2000
Done ! ,... DRN has been a great source of MC tech info,... but even more importantly has been the friendship and comradery established over the years. From the first "spode fest" in Lincoln, Ill..... all the way to the "dam Yankees" rides put together, Ive met some great ppl. I was just going through some old threads last night and cannot believe all the ppl Ive met and rode with from this site. So come on guys!,.. lets belly up!,.. help Bob keep this great community of riders going.
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