Jun 8, 2001
I have a Mikuni TM30SS carb on my 92 WR200.
One of my friend suggested a Keihin 39mm model found on the KTM 2000 EXC.

My question is how will this throw off my jetting?

Any suitable replacement carb?
I understand the carb's job is to mix gas/air and feed to the
engine. A bigger carb would have more top-end and less low-end
But I guess the bottleneck would be the engine itself...

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
Thank your friend & tell him to be on his way (that’s the polite version), a 39mm carb is almost twice the area of a 30!

Now 30 is a pitiful size carb to have on a 200, but there is a reason. The rest of the bike will be restricted & this was confirmed when I swung my eyes to the left to see your location is Singapore.

A KDX200 takes a 35mm carb but the SR version (as sold in Singapore) is like a 28 or 30 but there are other restrictions.

Putting a 34 on may not yield results until you replace other parts with unrestricted market parts, probably pipe, barrel & maybe ignition.

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