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Oct 26, 1999
While changing the air filter last week, finally got around to drilling some holes in the lid (I was hoping Henk would do it, but no).

He came back from a ride this morning commenting how good the bike was running (pity he wasn't). I finally got to go for a ride this afternoon, and noticed a difference. I have to check the filter to see if I'm happier with that (it was driving me nuts having one real dirty spot & the rest pretty clean every time I went to change it).

So thanks once again, it really did make a difference, especially on sandy uphills. I think I've now finally done everything I can, except for enough riding on the bike.


May 11, 2000
i took my lid off and made a splash guard
to go between the box and the tank out of
rubber roofing so she wouldnt fill up with
water when crossing creeks and i got my
torque pipe a month or so ago what a differance that made

2000 kdx200 2000ktm 50sxpro jr
1980 it425
alexis il
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