Mar 27, 2005
hi im from norther cal , suisun i got an older cr 450r its fun i sorta new the last dirt bike i had was a honda ct70 when i was about 13 my dad dident think much of it. that bike got stolen but the bug to ride stayed! so now im on somthig a littile bigger .

Tony Eeds

Godspeed Tony.
N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002
Welcome to the site :cool:

Be sure and go to your User CP and update information relating to your location, type of riding, etc. After that grab a spot on the couch and tell us a bit about yourself. How long you have been riding, what kind of riding you prefer, where you are located, etc. We will do our best to hook you up with some fellow dirt bike enthusiasts.

Again, welcome to the site, and shout if you have any questions!

Welcome to DRN

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