Mar 27, 2000
I keep reading how fun these bikes are and how easy they are to ride compared to other bikes. I'm not going to be racing MX/SX but I may participate in a few hare scrambles.

I'm a big guy so I need a bike that can haul me around though. I weigh about 250 with gear on and am around 6'4". Is the 250F to weak for me. I hardly ever go full throttle on my CR250 now.

Hwo big are you baby thumper riders?



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Nov 22, 2000
I'm 5' 11" and 190. The 250F has enough guts to clear any jump that I'm brave enough to attempt. I'm running stock springs, and they work well. I am using all the travel, though.


Mar 12, 2001
I'm 5'10" and 200lbs. Like Julius I don't have any problem with the suspension or power. Also like Julius I use all of the travel on the stock suspension though. I could probably use stiffer springs but I really don't have a problem with the stock setup.

My opinion is for woods riding this is the bike. It won't tire you out like a heavier bike, plus you can get better use out of the power you have with a 250F where a larger bore/heavier bike will beat you up after two hours of fast woods riding.

Good Luck with your choice whatever it is though.:)


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Feb 16, 2001
Hemet, CA.
Hey DS,

You are a perfect candidate for the 250F. I`m 6'4" and 265# and I love mine.
I race mine in H/S, grandprix and GNCC races and I feel that this bike is the best thing that ever happened for me.The longer the race the more of an advantage the bike is, this bike does not tiire me out as fast as any of the other bikes that I have owned.
Now with that said, you should try to steel a ride on one before you buy it. I say this because if you are not a previous 4stroke rider you maynot like it.
When I rode my first YZF back in 98, it only took 2 turns and I was hooked. Went home and put the still new KTM 300 up for sale. Bought a new 99 400F and the rest is history. If you ride it and you still are not sure then maybe you should reconsider, as these bikes are diffenitly more tempremental then 2 smokes.

later mxbundy


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Jan 25, 2000


Mxbundy was on a recent DRN trail ride and he was the fastest big guy in pink tutu I've ever seen. :p Actually, he flew by me (and most everyone else, I think) going down (and up) the Malcolm Smith trail. :think

He was generous enough to let me take a spin on his 250F, and now I'm plotting and dreaming.:cool: The 426 I have now is more than I need, except for the occasional big hill with power sucking soft dirt. I'll miss the big blast the 426 gives when I twist the throttle, but I won't miss the arm stretching, the extra weight and whining/complaining from the Nancy Boy's behind me when they get hit by roost.

If the 250F can haul Bundy around the way it does, it should have more than enough to pull my pear shaped 175 lbs around and add to that my very novice skills. I'm hoping they've improved starting on the '02's.........
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Mar 27, 2000
Thanks for the advice guys. I rode a WR400 before and it felt great so I do like the four stroke feel. I've decided to get the 250F. All I have to do is wait and see if my contract turns into a perm job.

Did you guys have to do a lot of changes to make the bike comfortable? I mean like new triple clamps to move the bars forward and tall seat foam.



Feb 24, 2001
Comfortable or just tons of fun

At your height (bout same as me) I would look into the pro-taper Universal Hi bends (they are the tallest bars out there). The bars plus the mounts (thumper has some that will even add a bit more room for your knees) will set you up nice. All I did and the comfort factor was awesome!!! :)
Suspension just needs some twists other than springs if you ride that fast.....my springs are stock, and only when I moto do I wish I had stiffer......will get em when I get my bikes out of the darn moving box!!!

Obviously the timing, throttle stop, and grey wire snip......and you will be set and in love with the machine!!!


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