Amal Carb and Bultaco Questions


Feb 16, 2007
Not a reply but a question

Does anyone know if Amal carburetor is still in business and if so how to obtain parts? Sorry but I could not find a link to post a question on this site (very busy looking site). Anyway I have a lot of Bultaco questions and hopefully this site can help. I also have owned a lot of these machines and maybe can help some readers.
Nov 21, 2006
Amal is indeed still producing carbs,and parts. :cool: Check out for lots of links to amal carb suppliers.

This is the place for questions and answers about old dirt bikes,as long as it's not an AJS. Nobody has responded to my AJS question yet,but I guess thats better than getting the wrong answer! :laugh:
What kind of Bul/Buls do you have? I had a '72 250 Pursang. A great handing bike,way better than Huskys,or CZs,and right there with Maico.The Japanese didn't make real dirtbikes back then,at least,not ones that you could actually turn, so they don't count. Fast too.Faster than CZ or Maico.Huskys were right there, but I never got out dragged by any 250 til the Elsinore came out. :yikes:

That Spanish Amal sucked! If you dropped the bike,it would always flood,take 30 kicks to restart,and you were out of the race. Some of the Bultacos came with IRZ carbs,which were so bad,they made the Amals seem like electronic fuel injection. Most of the Bul guys were switching to Mikunis,but I never did get around to it.By this time,the long travel revolution was well under way. I traded mine in on a '76 Husky 360(I still have it!).I wish I had that Pursang back. :(

I had a 125 Bultaco too.It was seized when I got it,and I never got it running.But I still have the frame somewhere, and those wonderful Betor forks are gracing the front of my Triumph 500 desert sled. :)

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