American GP rider update.. Brown and Hamblin

lynch racing

Aug 13, 2004
Germany...Mike Brown got off hard in practice and demolished bike and shoulder, No holeshots for Mike and looked to be riding in pain, The regular good 10 mins and slow fade backwards, ended with a rare spurt of speed and finished 1st moto in 12th and 2nd moto-11th, sitting at 11th in total points.
Sean Hamblin still have troubles with the timed qualifying and just made the cut at #30, bad gate picks and bad starts, worked up to finish 1st moto-17th and 2nd-19th and took points in both moto`s, holding down 21st place total points.
They are both still here and getting better every race!
Big surprise so far this season- TM factory doing fantastic in MX1 manufacturers points race and moving in on 4th place Kawa and 3rd place Honda with only 1 rider, Manuel Priem (Bel). :cool:
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