ANOTHER..2001 RM250 K1 no spark problem..

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May 18, 2018
Second ride out bike lost spark after shutting it off prior to a easy hour or two ride. Hasn't ran since. New coil with wire but oem cap that seems to test fine. 3 new plugs br8eg. New caltric stator. But may be the issue as I've attempted an open ground procedure to match it to the oem. Oem = 10 wire 4 pole two plug/ blackred, blackwhite x2, redwhite, red and green (pickup), two yellow?, and orange x2 that loops from stator plug to stator plug. Tps and pj solenoid remived and depinned prior. No killswitch involved. No wiring diagram (can't find in town and online company's keep sending wrong submodel).
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