Oct 30, 2000
anther guy in our group has gone and got a 520.

a couple of years ago, you couldnt move for xr4s or xr6s but now its all blue & orange.

just as well my superior riding skills allow me to keep up.

whats the bet there'll be lots of cheap 520s for sale in a year or two 'cause you cant neglect (maintenance) a 520 like you can a xr.


Feb 5, 2001
We'll call this phenomenom natural selection :p ...Those not able to maintain a high perfomance four stroke staying on a lower step of the evolution ladder...riding slow,low tech.and heavy XRs.....Darwin would be proud ... ;)
Oct 30, 2000
yeah yeah yeah

he's going to kill me when we get togather in the nat terrain mx, enduros and pony expresses but hes going to miss out completly on our desert & multi week unsupported epics.

could the happy middle ground be a drz or a wrf?? or do i wait for a 2nd evolution licenced crf:think


Damn Yankees
May 14, 2000
Hey Helter Sk. I wouldnt hold your breath waiting for me to sell mine, the performance from the crated Jap bikes arent even close to the performance I get from this RFS, been there,...(YZF WRF DRZ XR), done that!

All dirt bikes need maintance, doesnt matter what the flavor,,... In fact Im redoing a top end right now on an XR6, cause the guy thought he could ride it hard every weekend for 6 months without an oil change. Go Figure!
I've got 15 months of hard riding H/S MX and general woods racing on my 520 with regular maintance, with nothing more than the normal oil, pads, grease bearings, filter cleaning, kinda stuff.

Better keep up on those riding skills. :cool:

Dirk Diggler

Jun 28, 2001
I would say, that anyone that spend the amount of money that a RFS costs will not be stupid enough to neglect maintance. And if they do, you can bet they will be the ones complaining about KTM's being unreliable!
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