Jun 9, 2001
Once again thanks for all the responses on my previous questions. Last night I successfully took the cylinder off with no problems. Now I'am just waiting for new piston kit to come. With the Wiseco piston kit are the ring gaps correct right out of the box or do I still need to check the gap etc? If I need to check gap how do I do it. Do you need a special feeler gague? How do you ensure the piston alignment pins stay between the ring ends when you put the cylinder back on.
Last question, how do you torque the cylinder bolts because you can't fit a socket on them because there is not enough clearance? I used a box wrench to get them off. Thanks again for helping out this true rookie mechanic.


May 12, 2001
Always check the end gap. I just put a Wiseco piston in a kids RM80 and the end gap was too tight out of the box. The instruction sheet with the piston will give you the recommended end gap. A standard feeler guage will work fine for measureing. use a piston to square the rings in the bore.
I just use my fingers to squeeze the rings when I slide the jug on. Just take your time, you can feel if the rings aren't in the right place. And make sure you put them right side up. Many rings are marked as to which way they go. Read the instructions.
Well, I'd like to hear some other responses on torqueing. Myself, after 25 years of wrenching on bikes and everything else, I just have a feel for torque. I use the torque wrench on whatever I can and use my feel with a wrench, usually a nice long one on the ones I can't get a socket on.
Doesn't it feel good to do the work yourself. You'll learn so much more about your bike by doing your own work.



Dec 19, 1999
I'm in the sme boat as you Goldman.I'm planning on buying one of those little open end wrench things that fit on a socket wrench.( I think they call them a crows foot) I could probably hit it close enough by feel but the older I get the less I trust myself. Besides I just like to go to Sears.


May 11, 2000
motion pro makes the wrench you are looking for
13mm on one end 14mm on the other with a square
hole in the middle for a 3/8" torque wrench with instructions;)
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