Jun 22, 2001
My son has a 2000 rm80, I have played around with oil weights, heights, ect. and nothing seems to work. If someone has some proven knowledge on how to improve the forks it would be appreciated. Also just shipped the engine for porting, hope it rips.


Apr 11, 2001
I put RT emulators & shortened the OEM fork springs for my son's. Used 10w oil @ 100mm form top, collapsed w/o fork spings in. Was on the stiff side for his 75-lb body but real good for me, way much better than the stock setup - no more wet-noodle front end!

A fork seal recently began leaking, so after changing seals I used 5 wt oil, replaced the short emulator spring with the lighter one, & it's more suited for him.

We do off road only, no MX, but can certainly do the latter if need be now; totally oout of the question before, when stock. Well worth the $ if you plan on keeping it for a while. If not & you wantto keep it on the cheaper side, cut the stock springs 1" & install PVC spacers of the same length.

U R taking no chance by sending the engine to Eric for work. His personal service, knowledge, & attention, I'm told, is not even in the same league as the big shops; I'd leave mine stock before sending anything to the latter (PC & FMF). My RMX barrel is going to him later this summer.

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
Go with the recomendator inctrutions of those below. I would add don't follow RT's recomendations on Rod drilling, Don't add any more holes and frankly I would not bother making the stock ones any bigger. The rod flows plently of oil stock (it's soo soft) and the emulator adds great low speed compression.

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