Aug 17, 2005
Besides tracks, is there anything within a couple hours of Orange County that is legal to ride right now (red sticker bikes)? I looked at the forest service site and all they really show are places like Glamis.

I know some people will ride where it isn't legal, and the rangers are pretty cool about it, and instead of worrying so much about the color of the sticker, they just want to make sure you have a spark arrester. Areas like Big Bear, and some of the areas off the 15 (from victorville to barstow) have been fairly safe in the past. I just wonder with the hightened fire hazard if this is even more of an issue now?

Any help would be appreciated!!!


Jun 30, 2006
well, you have the Stoddard Valley OHV area. I don't know if its red sticker legal, but does anybody ever check? no. There are no ranger stations.

And thats only an hour and a half from north OC.
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