anybody ever deal with the park serv. ??


May 17, 2000
i have a 10 mile hare scramble course behind my house that is natl park service property, no one uses it but when they seen evidence of dirt bike tracks, they set out to hunt us down,,, the ranger was very cool about it and made suggestions on how we could possibly work together as us helping keep strangers out and them allowing us on the property as a patrol,,this is what we have been doing for the last 10 years , they just never patrolled it till now....i have some ideas on a letter to try to get a face to face meeting between me and his super. but i could use any elp or advice i can get.... it would kill me to lose this ,,,, its my personal 1200 acres more or less,,, any sugg. on dealing with these people?????:silly:


Sep 22, 2000
Do your homework first.

Contact the Blue Ribbon Coalition and ask them for suggestions.

The biggest mistake everyone makes is that they think the AMA or BMC can fly teams of land rights defenders to any place in the country in a moments notice to fight "LOCAL ISSUES" Get some of your friends and neighbors involved first--get organized!

You will need to get a copy of the management plan for the land.

The land may be classified as an "Open Travel" area already.

If the trails that you are riding on are original game trails and not User created trails then that would give you some leverage.

The point is --- don't take an adversarial position, and do not go into a meeting feeling so comfortable that your trousers are down around your ankles. :eek:

Meet with them for the purpose of finding a mutually satisfying solution. :)

Good Luck

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