Anybody own a quad?


Aug 22, 2000
I've noticed that there are a LOT more 4-wheelers than dirt bikes around. Are they on to something? I've never actually ridden a quad and wonder how it compares to a bike. I have to admit that they do look fun. Who has an opinion on this?


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
I own one. Compared to a bike, they are pigs. 'nuff said.


Dec 12, 2000
I own a quad. It's a 15 year old polaris trailboss. It was given to me because it didn't run at the time. Is fun for clibing and slow speed stuff. I use it for hauling wood around and little things like that.

I think a reason that Quads are more popular is because learning to ride one is alot easier and quicker then a bike. Alot less balance involved and it gives a false sence of security.

I also noticed that even though Quads are easier to ride in the begining, it seems they are harder to ride upper levels like in MX racing. Thats just a personal observation, not sure if it's true or not.

I think i read somewhere that twice as many quads are sold each year compared to dirtbikes.


Apr 9, 2003
I think the reason for them being so popular is the reason being that most of them are automatics, and easier to learn to ride, and they are better in mud, but IMO the ergonomics are all wrong and they dont turn worth a $hyt.

Endless Mike

Oct 30, 2003
Dont you have an LT250r?

I have a Raptor, its fun, got good power but it isnt meant for MX. It does good in the trails, thats it purpose. Ive got 2 other MX bikes for the track


Formally known as RV6Junkie
Damn Yankees
Jan 8, 2000
They're great for people who don't have any balance.

Really, they are OK. Lots of fun for powersliding. Fun to jump too. But they will wear you out fast. A real hoot in the snow.

They are also very dangerous (tipsy).


Oct 3, 2002
Somebody gave me one... an old LT125.

I didn't want my kids to ride it. I gave it back and bought a minibike. :thumb:

I know of too many folks that have been hurt very badly and/or killed on quads. Ya really have to try and get hurt on a dirtbike. IMO, of course.

Neil Wig

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Jun 22, 2000
I had to drag a whitetail deer out of the bush by hand this year....I do see some value in having a quad for hunting (allowed in the Northern Provincial Forrest). I could also see them being very useful on a farm.


AssClown SuperPowers
Damn Yankees
Aug 2, 2000
They are good for that, Neil. Not bad for just plonking down a logging road either. Still not as cool as a dirt bike.


2 wheeled idiot
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Sep 9, 2000
I have a Kodiak which i use for making trails for the bike, carrying the chainsaw, pulling the snow board behind it in the winter, hunting with. So yeah they are useful and fun to ride. I enjoy the dirtbike way better but in the winter around here its not much fun on the bike.


Jul 19, 2002
I have two quads. A Honda TRX and A Kawasaki Mojave. My wife and daughter ride them. I agree with RV6junkie, they will flat wear you out. Fun in the sand and in the snow (mostly the snow). And they are very good come riding day when someone goes down or help is needed away from the pits. If for that reason only, I would keep at least one quad. They also work good to pull your (I mean your friends) bikes out of the mud.

Bikes are ten times the fun, Stay on two wheels.


Big Pig
Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
We had an Odyssey a few years back.....although is an Odyssey considered a quad??? Hmmmm? :think:
It was a blast to ride, but what a P I G !

Had a couple of ATC70's too.
I remember one time after work me and a couple of the guys got together and raced 3 of them (atc70's) around this little home made circle track on the lot beside the warehouse.
Gosh, what a BLAST!
2nd gear-throttle pinned, just slidin round and round!!! :) :laugh:

Gary B.

Apr 17, 2000
I rode ATV's only for about 7 years before getting my first bike. In sand and snow they are much more fun than a bike, and bikes are way more challenging in general. My wife and younger son ride a quad and enjoy it more, but they don't ride that much. I borrowed my boss's Rincon a few weeks ago for some lumberjack work - it is truly the ultimate weapon for that. I couldn't imagine trail riding it though, it's like driving a truck with handlebars.

KTM Mike

Mi. Trail Riders
Apr 9, 2001
My wife has a Polaris Trailblazer, and my oldest son a Yamaha Blaster.  My wife simply was not interested in a bike, my kid just somehow convinced himself he could not ride back when he was about 7 years old (though he was actually doing fine and never had a hard get off).  I ride both on occasion.

I do find it fun sometimes to play around on the Blaster.  It has a FMF pipe and silencer etc, and does OK for a little 200. - it is a Blast (pun intended) to play on, to pop wheelies etc (it has such a short wheelbase for a lard butt like me).  I do find it actually harder to really push it in the woods though - 2 times the lines to worry about!  More tiring in that regard.  Personally, I will stick with a bike!  But what ever floats your boat, go for it!

Some bike guys give quads a real hard time - a rather adversarial relationship.  I dont feel that is necessary.  Sure there are idiots on quads, but there are idiots on bikes to.  But because quads are easier for the less "serious" riders to use, it does seem you see more tank top, flip flops, helmetless riders out in the trails than on bikes, or some young punk tearing things up riding where they should not be.  This is a function of the rider...not the machine!  If they were on bikes, they would be doing the same stupid pet tricks.