Apr 28, 2007
dirtbikinbrian said:
So I came across this site a couple months ago action.sportskool.com and it made me pick my bike up again and start BMXing. I was pretty suprised at how much I remembered. Does anyone else skate or BMX or something when they're not MXing?

I wnet to my first FMX event a month or so ago.... and.. the cooolest thing I saw there... was....

the BMXers doing the backflip. Totally wow. How do you time that? How do you get your power right where you want it and do it???

Wild stuff. Many talented athletes in so many sports. ...


Feb 3, 2007
I dirt jump when I'm not riding, not on a bmx though.
I ride a mountain bike setup for dirt jumping instead, because I just never really got the hang of it with a BMX. We live down the street from the largest set of jumps in our town, so I go there a lot during the summer and after school when I can't ride the dirt bike.
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