Anyone ever been to Cathedral City?

CPT Jack

Jun 27, 2000
I drove past on the way to Indio (on the 60). Looked pretty cool. Am planning to go there this weekend. How's the riding? Is it worth the trip? Finally any other places you'd recommend that are within 2 hrs of Redondo Beach? Thanks!


Apr 11, 2001
Cool? :think: Uhhh, not quite

Jack: I've never riding there but it's awfully hot (& therfore risky) this time of year; you'd be better off getting some altitude, like Big Bear/Arrowhead, or Frazier/Alamo Mtn. Both have streams/creeks where you cool off in the middle or after the ride, but my main point is the temps; it's a pleasure @ 6-8k', miserable @ lower spots like the dez.


Tony 'da Rat
Oct 16, 2000
CPT Jack - I think you might be a bit confused. Cathedral City is off interstate 10 one city east of Palm Springs and there is absolutely no place to ride in that area. I believe the area that you are talking about is Beaumont. Beaumont is off the 60 and the 10. Great riding in the foot hills but the law has ran me off a few times. The secret is finding the right place to park. Shoot me an email with your phone # and i will give you some helpful info.

BTW - Placelast is right, the temps are into the 100's this time year in that area.

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