Anyone following the current shuttle mission?


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
North East USA
I usually read about them in the paper but this one is special to my wife and I because one of the shuttle crew (Doug Wheelock) is an old next door neighbor and friend that she graduated high school with. So I have been watching NASA TV a lot and it’s pretty cool that they are floating 215 miles above us as they work on the space station.

I have always been fascinated with space travel. I can remember being in elementary school when we first landed on the moon. We all got ushered into the library to watch it live in an old TV. It really hooked me.

So, if anyone else wants to follow along with the action they can go to and watch it live. There is also a link to the schedule if there is something particular you want to watch. As I type this Doug is on a space walk and I can see and hear him working. Pretty cool.


Dec 18, 2006
The kid and I got out the noc's and watched it fly by just after sunset one evening (couple days ago). Even with low power optics you can see some detail like the three main engines on the rear. If it flies over your place you only have 1-2 min window for observations and only just after sunset. See if you can find a flight schedule for your area. It's really worth a look.


Aug 31, 2005
we watch it go up from the oppisite side of the state one day i would like to get over and see it closerand we listen for the sonic booms when it lands
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