Anyone from Alberta, Canada know places to ride


Apr 16, 2001
Anyone tell me some trails or specific off roading areas in alberta? I live in edmonton but am willing to travel...I'm new to dirt biking...thanks



May 3, 2001
I just emailed you but anyhow I live in alberta and all places are good to ride in out here I ride dithches valleys gravel roads and most people don't mind you riding the coolies in there feilds just don't run down crops and shut gates and resist chasing cow because they can trip in gopher holes and you don't wan't to hit a down cow living ir dead!!!!:confused:


Down here in medicine hat it is pretty good, you can ride on just about any road, as long as it is not too close to the city, and there are some good river trails and coolies, but there not really worth travelling from edmonton for, and some retard thinks that those coolies are his land so he strung a cable across the entrance, good thing i was only in first gear when i noticed it, usually i go flying through there in fifth, i am damn lucky.


Dec 17, 2007
hey iam from edmonton too i do alot of riding at the bud park and west lock there both nice tracks but iam looking for dumes to ride can anybody help and if you are looking for somebody to ride with email me i ride about three four days a week please give me more places to ride iam new to edmonton thanks.....

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