Feb 21, 2000
My friend, a 5'7" 150lb novice, wants his bike shorter. We have lowered the forks and such and don't want to fool with the dogbones. He was wondering about having his suspension lowered by having a suspension tech cut the tubes and shock shaft. Anyone had this done and how did you like it. Was there any negative impacts of the lowering. Thanks in advance.

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
Like Dave said they won't be cutting the shafts etc what they do is machine and install spacers to limit the travel then revalve and respring to accommodate.

A couple shops shops that come to mind that are worth talking to would include MX-Tech and WER. Both have a proven record for properly lowering suspension.



Feb 3, 2001
You could get him to do the same as I have, I am a lofty 5'6", I left the suspension alone, but took the seat to a motor trimmer and had him slice the foam about 2 ", this did firm up the seat a little, but the result is great, I can reach the floor with proper sag settings now. BTW, it cost me A$15.00, cheap fix eh?;)


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Oct 26, 1999
I've gone the dogbones route, and even though I sometimes run out of ground (at least 2-3 times a day - doh, why the heck won't my legs grow), I'm happy with the height. I'm 5'3", spodely rider, slow as a turtle if not slower. They cost about NZ$100 but I won't go back. BTW, just had a great ride, good beer, I'm happy :)

jeff joy

May 14, 2001
I had a shop lower my 99 200 by an inch by using the spacers on the shafts to limit the travel.I'm 5'7" and it really helped me out to be abble to touch ground when needed.The only change I've noticed as far as handling goes is that it corners a little bit better,lower center of gravity,thats good !!but once in a while I will be draging footpegs in the ruts,thats not so good !!


Oct 14, 1999
[bold]..don't want to fool with the dogbones[/quote]

I don't understand foregoing the simple and effective and choosing the complicated and expensive......anyway......

A set of adjustable Devol pull rods (with required kx250 hardware..bolts and shims) will run you about $100. The Devol rods in the 'long' position lowered my bike as measured at seat height about 3/8".

BUT...my input would be to keep the bike as it is for awhile. I thought my kdx was too tall, too. After a year of riding, I changed my point of view. The height is just fine..even with my short 'lil laigs.

Michelle!!...re: good ride, good beer... spoken after my own heart!!! I'm jealous! I haven't been out in 3 weeks (woods are closed!! Fire season. Upper ranges not open yet!)
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