Anyone heard of/use Tusk equipment


Mar 6, 2001
Well, after I opened up my right crankcase cover to replace the water and oil seals on my 93 cr250, I decided to take a look at my clutch plates because I was noticing a bit of a drag. I discovered one friction plate was cracked (who knows how that happened) and one clutch plate was warped just beyond specs (and the basket was notched a little). This really sucks because all the other plates and all the springs were still good (literally looked brand new).

So after looking around I found a clutch kit made by Tusk Off-Road which are only $32, compared to EBC which are $85. Will these be complete junk? I still haven't decided if I'll sell my bike soon or try to ride it for another year. Given my current money situation, I can't really afford to buy a new bike, then again, I can't really afford all the fix-ups I need/want to perform. This clutch problem has really set me back. What would happen if I use the bad plates? Or should I just get the Tusk kit and hope for the best? Or are the EBC really worth the extra $$$? Thanks,

93 cr250
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