Oct 17, 2000
The following was sent out by the ASA:

ASA membership and off road enthusiasts of all types, we have officially engaged the BLM in a lawsuit today May 17th 2001.
The ASA with our friends CORVA and AMA District 37 filed a suit in the Southern District Court in San Diego, California, that if successful will remove all closures in the ISDRA with exception of the wilderness area north of Hwy 78. Our chances are good, but we have some issues ahead of us, which will be dealt with aggressively. However, at some point in the near future we hope to return these dunes back to us, the rightful owners of the sand.
This is our complaint with the BLM:
The BLM violated the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by not following proper procedures when closing public lands in the ISDRA. The BLM did not follow the requirements set forth in the National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”), which requires the BLM to study the impacts of such closures. The BLM also did not follow the public input process required by law.
What this means is the BLM should have done a full and complete environmental review on these closures and their effect on the desert before they closed any land to motorized access or camping. The BLM is also required to offer the public a forum in which to comment on said closures. They did neither of these things as required by law.
The BLM also violated the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (“FLPMA”) by (1) not evaluating or determining whether these closures were necessary to protect the PMV and by (2) not determining whether or not these closures are consistent with the “multiple use” requirements of “FLPMA”.
The BLM illegally, by way of this closure, violated the rights the public has to shape public land use policy in the California Desert.
Because of the San Diego Off Road Coalition’s successful motion for clarification and the subsequent ruling by Judge Alsup, we now have this great opportunity to reopen our dunes. Since SDORC was technically a defendant in the first lawsuit as an Intervenor, there are legal reasons why they are not named on our suit. Keep in mind, however, SDORC is one of our largest contributors and has worked closely with the ASA – not only on the legal aspect, but the biological effort as well. We have collaborated well and would not be here without them.
We will keep you updated as events unfold. We will use the “What’s New” page on the GOL site at:

American Sand Association
San Diego Off Road Coalition
California Off Road Vehicle Association
American Motorcycle Association District 37


Nov 7, 2000
I was just about to quote your post from another page on this one, but I see that you have it covered. KTM rad is pretty envolved in the fight against the greenies. Thanks for the update.


Jan 27, 2000
Great news asa _rick.

Now, maybe we will start to make some progress. Fight fire with fire.

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