Sep 7, 2003
I am new to the dirt bike scene, however had been into atv's for years. anyway i was thinking of getting a bike from motorcycle brokers and was wondering if anyone had any input on them, and how difficult is it to assemble a bike? what exactly is involved in this, and is it something someone new to bikes could tackle? thanks for the input. cole


Jul 3, 2001
I have only seen Yamaha's out of the crate, but I imagine most brands are the same. Depending on the model, they come with the front wheel off, misc. plastics, sometimes handle bars, and sometimes items like foot pegs and such to install. All major parts, that are easy to install.

Flying Scot

Oct 13, 2002
Like Fatty_k said. I had a KX250 that came just like that. No problem to put together. Just make sure that when you go to lift the front you have help and put something underneath the middle.

Nevada Sixx

Jan 14, 2000
yea, i got a bike in the create off ebay,,hardest part was getting bike off crate and onto a stand, so you may want some help there. it comes with the front wheel, fender, fork guards and mud flap off, bars are off but everything is assembles on them so you just bolt them on. there is a small bag of screws for the plastic. its easy. you may want to grease your axle before putting it on. also, you may want some little lowbow dollies so you can roll the create around in your garage after unloading if from your truck.


Mar 19, 2003
I bought a CR250 from them and have not had any problems with it yet. I think the only thing you have to be careful about is sometimes they sell European models which may or may not be the same as US (North American) models.

Also, Apparently only the Euro models come with a spares kit (spare top end and filter).

Other than that, it's a great deal.

Moto Squid

Jul 22, 2002
assembly on crate bikes, especially dirt bikes, is super easy...that's my job at the dealership where I work. We lift them with the forklifts but with a friends help it'd be easy to put it onto a stand. If it's a honda I could send you a copy of the official set-up instructions.


Jul 28, 1999
I bought my KX250 from Motorcycle Brokers. No problems whatsoever, although I haven't attempted to title it (yet). Here's how it worked:

1. I called the number, talked to Zach. He's a pretty no-nonsense guy, gives you the facts and that's about it. The price is the price, and he ships it via Forward Air to their terminal nearest to you for $200.

2. When I was ready to buy, he referred me to Brandi at the office. She took care of all the paperwork. I sent a cashiers check to her, which I was a bit leery about doing, but I had searched DRN for comments about Motorcycle Brokers, and they were all generally favorable. You can also pay with credit card or PayPal, but they gross up the cost to offset the transaction fees.

3. Brandi initially gave me a VIN number so I could have it insured from the time it left their warehouse. The VIN number was not the same one that was on the bike that was shipped, but there was a reason for that; can't remember what it was.

4. The check arrived late on a Friday. The bike was shipped on Monday and I was given a tracking number. The bike arrived at the Forward Air terminal at the St. Louis airport the following Friday. I was returning from a business trip that day and was able to pick up the crate on the way home.

Bike in Crate

It was a bit tricky to unload it by myself. After removing the cardboard (makes a great floor mat in the garage), I put a stand under the frame and began unbolting the crate. I put on the front wheel and handlebars while the bike was in the truck, then unloaded it like normal. There's a little bit of assembly after that, but not much. It was full of tranny oil and coolant, and the forks were filled with oil.

The transaction was pretty smooth. The only problem is going to be titling it, because the Candian documentation is different. I'm sure it will confuse the hell out of the DMV and cause me enough headaches that I may just say screw it and not bother titling the bike. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the experience and happy that I was able to assemble the bike myself and be assured that it was done correctly.

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