Asterisk vs. Web


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Jan 24, 2002
OK guys, as some of you may have read I had a problem with my EVS web brace and it resulted in a refund for me so I ordered a pair of Cells. This weekend we had a practice and the first race of the season at my favorite track in NM so I thought I would give you my impressions. First comfort, the Asterisks are FAR superior in fit and comfort, the lacing system is more secire and they support w/o binding, with the EVS there was so much stuff behind my knee and the brace was so bulky that I had a hard time starting the bike, there is much more freedom of movement. Also worth noting, the Cells are lower Profile than the EVS Webs, so my pants fit better over the knee area and I was able to tighten the top buckle on my boots a few notches so that the velcro met at the top of the boot (don't laugh with my beefy calves this is a big issue). As far as support at first the Cells felt a little less secure, the Web had a pretty tight grip on my knee, but at time wore on, I had several instances where I had to put my foot down hard to save it in a turn ( all in the name of research ya know, I would never ride like a squirrel ordinarily :o ) and felt no twisting or pain With the web there would have been a small jolt, with my old RS-6's there would have been a lot of swelling that night and a limp the next day. I regret to inform you that I was unable to crash test the Cells, as I rode uncharechteristically well and stayed upright! :cool: I was able to hit King Kong ( a 90 ft table ) a lot harder than I ever had before (no I didn't clear it) and felt no shock to either knee, but my neck and shoulders are quite sore from some of the landings. I would HIGHLY reccomend the Asterisks over the other systems I have used I feel they are superior in confort, adjustability and support, and I feel foolish for waiting so long to have gotten mine. I only had one minor glitch; when walking around setting up my pit in the morning the cells rode down my leg and I had to take of my pants and put em on again, but I was walking around in gear without boots, later that day I walked around in them with my boots on and they did not slip at all. Now Thump may say I told you so, I am another satisfied Asterisk customer!!