Jun 4, 2007
Hi all...

I have just bought a athena 144cc kit for my 2007 YZ125, not sure where to start with the jetting though, I am guessing at a standard clip position, standard pilot and somewhere around a 360 main jet.
My proposed set up will have a v force reed block + HGS pipe also.
Has anyone got one fitted in the uk and have a good set up ??
Also was thinking of dropping down a tooth on the rear sprocket to try and get a bit more from the torque.
I guess super pump gas will be fine in this kit as i don’t really want to start messing about with Av gas.
Any help or suggestions would be great.


Jan 8, 2004
Het there

I can't help with the jetting but I have a few other tips.
Dropping teeth on the rear sprocket will gear the bike up - ie more top speed but less accelaration. Go up teeth on the back or down teeth on the front to get more accelaration/ torque

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