Aussie exhaust options


I started looking for aftermarket exhaust option here in Australia and came up with the following site:

They seem to have options for most big brand 4 strokes and as far as noise is concerned they give the following advice:

"Staintune pipes decibel range will vary depending on the bike, and whether or not you use the sound restrictors. On average, as a general rule, the pipes run in the low 90's with the restrictors in place and just over 100 with the restrictors removed."

I contacted my local dealer about prices, as yet no reply.

Just putting it out there for all the Aussies around about the place.

Rich Rohrich

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Staintune is available in the US as well. The design and quality of construction puts many of the popular California companies to shame. They seem popular with the guys who run Huskys.

I run the Staintune megs on my Triumph Bonneville and they are great. 92 db and a great power increase. Highly recommended. :cool:


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my mate has one on his current wr250-f and it is a killer over stock.
my other mate had one on his old (05) xr250 and that got it revving quite nicely indeed.
With the baffle in, there is still a considerable amount of performance gain over stock, but isnt much louder. With it out it is great and gives it lots of bottom end.