Jun 4, 2001
Sorry to say but I'm spending more time reading here than riding my new to me '97 KDX220. This is the first bike I've had that has adjustable anything and as it is, it handles much better than I can ride so it seems to be set up just right, but how am I to know? The only mis-behaving I've noticed, and it's probably my technique, is the fender slaps me pretty hard when I go over logs.

So I was checking the free sag and race sag - free (un-weighted?) sag seemed about right, but the race sag (standing on the pegs in attack position - yeah, right!) was about 85mm rear and 55mm front. Is this what unbalanced (Wait a minute - I don't think I'll leave myself that open for jabs.) Should I be concerned about this difference between front and rear? I don't know if the springs are stock and I'm going to ride it a bit more before I try to fix anything, but am I right in thinking I should start with changing the springs on one end or the other? Please be thinking low budget. Thanks.

Jeremy Wilkey

Owner, MX-Tech
Jan 28, 2000
If I understand correctly your rear sag is 85mm? I woud reduce the preload. The front fork on your KDX is very softly sprung, but I don't really use front sag as a test as the stiction realted issues cloud the results.

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