Berthoud Colorado MX Race 6/10/01


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Mar 16, 2000
How many DRNers made it out to Berthoud today for the MX race? For me, it was the first MX race of the year that was above 80 degrees. (I heard that the high was 93.) The longer moto times provided by the 2 track system was nice but I wish the time from the first moto in the morning to the last moto in the afternoon would have been shorter. I'm sure Rocky Mountain Promotions will work out the kinks before the next race.

I ended up 4th overall in the 40+ amature class. I had a nice dice going with the two other riders that finished ahead of me (we must have passed each other 4 or 5 times during the last moto.)

Hope to see everyone at the next race.

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Mar 31, 2001
sounds like a good race. we went to the rmxa race at craig, its one of my faviorte tracks in co. so whats up with the two tracks? is it like aztec, a and b track and a novice one? i'm glad they did somthing with that track i hated the old layout. i hope to be able to make it to lakewood its a great track. good job on the 4th;)

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