Best Motocross Instructor In Socal?


Jul 12, 2005
Hey Folks,

Well, I think I have taught all that I can to my 11 year old son. He is getting pretty fast now and has placed 2nd and 3rd place finishes in local races.

He is riding a KX85 now having stepped up from a KX65. He jumps really well, has great form through whoop sections (makes most of his passes there) and is working on getting his cornering speeds up.

What he needs now is someone who can bring him up to the next level. I have been researching some of the area instructors but I thought I would ask advise here for the best possible instructor for him. He is taking a lot of risks lately on big jumps. I am not a dirt racer but have plenty of experience on paved tracks.

I picked him up a Leatt-Brace and a set of Asterisk Cell knee braces but that can't replace good instruction.

Who would you suggest?

I am in Ventura County

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