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Nov 25, 1999
First, I totally condemn the ultra left wing in using the ad in the New York Times to dis-credit Gen. Petreaus.
What bothers me a bit more is that 2 Dem. Presidential candidates voting against a Senate bill that condemned the ad. A third candidate didn't have the balls to vote!
Regardless of your veiw on the war in Iraq, a public official that calls a 4 Star General out and accuses him of lying to Congress on "his" asessment on the current troop surge is betraying OUR country right into the hands of terrorists. Having a disagreement on policy is one thing but basically calling a 4 Star General a lyer is way out of line. Had the response been, "We appreciate your report but it does not change my position" would have been respectful and honest. But this type of statement was not made. The current disrespect provided by the democratic leadership both in Congress and the Senate, as well as, the presidential candidates towards our President, military leaders, and the troops on the ground is unconscoinable.
If you or others are opposed to the war, fine. Attacking the messenger is a low life tactic.
I don't typically watch Hannity and Combs (Alen Combs is IMO a puppit of Howard Dean) because their show basically allows their guests to just talk over one another and is annoying two me. I also do not always watch Bill O'Rielly but occassionally I watch his opening and closing. Tonite on H & C their first to guests were a former Dem. congressman and a former Rep. Senator. When the Rep. Senator started to make his point, A. Combs began talking over him and changing the subject. He was using a quote the Senator made while on the Senate floor a few years ago, but failing to give the whole quote in an attempt to make the Senator look bad. When the Senator responded, A. Combs continued to talk over him and again diverted the subject. Now while this is just an annoying TV show, it is very representative of many political discussion that I hear. There is NO debate, just partial sound bytes, repeated and often times right over the opposition points. This happens from both the left and the right. Our political process has become so perverted a President Bill Clinton sex scandal is almost none news.
Now you throw in OJ into the news, kick Brittany to the back pages, and you have a media that is runamuck! Using sound bytes, out of context and repeating them until the truth is totally irrelevant.
All I can say now is "Fred08".


Dec 31, 1969
I kinda doubt there will be many replies to the basic rant Brain ... seems the Office of the President and the rank of General in our armed services mean very little to most these days... respect? Pfft. Thanks mostly to the "media" "empowering" the people.

Sad. Everyone "knows better" these day. Specially when it comes to the tough decisions.


Jan 27, 2000
Coming from an age when we were a proud nation and willing to fight for our rights and security, I am absolutely ashamed of what we have become.

I see as nothing more than a communist organization working to split America in half. Divide and conquer. :nod: Like the democrats that they support, they have no solutions to the problems facing our nation. They only have negative rhetoric towards our leaders. When you ask them what should be done, they don't have answers. They only say they hate the president or they want to wave a white flag and run with their tails between their legs. This is not what made America a strong nation.

Granted, our leaders may not be doing what you think they should be doing and they are making mistakes but, they are our leaders and they deserve our respect. You may not agree with the war effort but we are in it now and to turn tail and run would be the worst thing we could do. Anyone who thinks our enemy's would not take advantage of this is from the moon or

The dems have offered none in my opinion that would stand up and protect the United States. What has Obama done? What are his political achievements? What has Hillary done? What happened to her womens movement? It failed. What happened to her health care reform? It failed. Why should we think she is capable of being president when she has failed at everything she has tried to do so far including being a wife. If she can't keep her own house in order including her husband, how is she going to run our country. She claims she is going to revamp our health care system. Make it a government run system. Have you ever been in a VA hospital? :ohmy: I think I will take my chances with private health care. Hillary is a proven failure and now she wants to run the country. All she has proven to me is that she can be bought.

The rest of them can't even stand up for each other much less the country. They waffle on important issues rather than look bad in front of the media. It's all about how they look, not what they stand for. And it's true, it's the media that runs the show. The dems have no leaders.

What the country needs are leaders. Someone that is willing to stand up and say what is right and then stand behind it. Someone that is willing to go against the media and show the real agenda behind the media. Someone that is willing to work to bring the country back together as one nation, under God, (Pick your own God.) Indivisible, etc, etc, etc. This is the country we used to be.

The dems want a feel-good government where we don't piss anyone off. They want the world to love us and embrace us. It ain't gonna happen. Most of the world hates the United States. Why? Because we are successful. We are a strong, rich nation compared to most. We stand up for our rights and are willing to fight for them. We have freedom. We have done more to help other countrys than any other country on the planet. We have sent more money to poor countrys than any other country. For this we are hated. I guess it's just human nature to hate someone that has more than you do.

I am not a democrat or republican. I vote for whoever has the qualities to properly run our country. In the past several years, I haven't seen anyone from the democratic party that qualifies. Only whiners, no leaders.

It's up to us the citizens of this country to see what is going on and be a leader. Get involved with local politics. If things aren't going the way you think they should, get involved and make a difference. We can be individual leaders by not taking this crap. By voicing our opinions and fighting for what is right. By sending e-mails and letters to our so-called leaders and tell them what you want for our country. It's our country, don't let them destroy it.

I am truly ashamed of organizations like and of anyone that supports them. But, I have to keep in mind that we are a free country and it is only because of some of the great leaders this country has had in the past and the willingness of a great people to stand up and fight for what is right that organizations like move-on are able to exist. They would not enjoy that freedom in many other countrys.

Stand up and be a leader. We need to become a great country again.

Go Fred. :cool:
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Jun 29, 2003
IT is a free country and therefore reserved to freedom of speech, and ideas unlike mine. I have found myself routinely angry with concern to the liberal far left. I just spent the last 30 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. The oldest continous sea going service. I spent my last year in Iraq, Saudi, and Bahrain as the Chief Engineer heading up a maintenance and repair shop that serviced both CG and Naval ships. I was the leader. I met with CG and Navy brass daily. I saw what most people don't want to see. I did it voluntarily and at the expense of my wife (she missed me). I am now retiring. I wear my OIF shirts and the only thing people ask is "what is the CG doing over there?" I have to remind them we are one of the 5 armed forces but they still don't get it. Am I concerned with what was posted previously - yes. We as a nation do not take our military seriously. and worse, we do not know much about it. Thank you.
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