Jun 30, 2001
Would I be able to purchase a big bore kit for a 1986 rm 125? If so how would it be done and how much would it cost? Also how much performance would i gain? Do i get a new cylinder or how does eric make the old one with such a big bore? Thanks.....


Super Power AssClown
Aug 24, 2000
Getting a big bore piston and sleeve kit for your model cylinder determines if it is possible to modify your engine. I rely on L.A. Sleeve for kits for older models that use cast iron sleeves. However they don't list any kits in their catalog for your model bike. The earliest year RM125 thats possible to make a big bore is the 1990 model which was the first year for the plated cylinder. In that case we can just bore and replate the aluminum cylinder.
Thanks, Eric
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