Big Wheel 80 Mods


Oct 9, 2000
I just picked up a perfect big wheel 80 for 150 dollars from a friend of mine. It is expectedly extremely slow.
I have read and searched for all PW 80 performance threads on the site and most of what I have found have been along the lines of intake and exhaust mods, which I am already planning to do.
But, does anyone know if there is potential in doing internal motor work or if there are any big bore pistons available? What about clutch kits? I know there really isnt much PW/BW performance stuff available but does Yamaha make a scooter or something that uses a similar engine that has a real trans or a bigger bore?

Thanks for your help and I know you probably think I am crazy for modifying a Big Wheel 80, but it will definetly be one of a kind! :)