Aug 21, 2007
ok, so about 2 weeks ago i blew the bottom end :( (it pops out of every gear over 1st back into neutral). since then ive been looking at the manual.It looks like too big of a repair for me. so i 'm going to bring it to a shop. i know its a costly time consuming job. its probibly hard to say but what's a fair price?


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Aug 24, 2000
Squeaky hammered up second gear in her TTR, and the estimate was $800 - $1,000, but that was a shop that out-sources that type of work. Your best bet would be to see if you can find someone trustworthy that is into doing bike work on the side, or a bike shop that does the work themselves. Better yet, if you can find an entire engine in working order. :cool: (We got very lucky with that, thanks again RR :) )

DO NOT take the bike in to have the work done, take the engine out yourself, bring it to the shop, and you will save some $$$ on labor. You know your average "I'm on the clock and making money for the bossman" mechanic will milk the job. We weren't in any big hurry, and being very careful ... took us about 3 hours total to pull the engine and put the other one back in. We bought a couple of fishing tackle trays with dividers and labeled all the dividers so the bolts didn't get mixed up.

Good luck!
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