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2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
Looking (Asking) for dealers, racers, and riders to keep an eye & ear out for the following 2 Motorcycles:

1999 Yamaha YZ 250 Vin # JYACGO5C8XA004051 Engine # G103E-004098
2000 Yamaha YZ 250 Vin # JYACGO8C7YA002787 Engine # G105E-002798

Both bikes stolen on 4/24/00 out of a locked garage!

Both bikes are setup for Enduro racing. Both had the following equipment on them:
„h Oversized Clarke gas tank (Natural color so you can see the gas)
„h Works Enduro Steering Stabilizers
„h One Industries Graphics and full grip seat covers
„h Answer Racing Top Triple clamps
„h Pro Taper handle bars with brush guards
„h UFO headlights and Taillights
„h Carbon Fiber Pipe guards and FMF Spark Arrestors
„h Brake Snakes (Note: Hole drilled in brake pedal for cables)
„h Works Connection Skid plate, radiator guards and frame guards
„h Braking Brake Rotors front and rear
„h Pirelli Tires front (MT44) and rear (MT32)
„h Regina o-ring chain and Sprocket Specialists sprockets
„h Many Moose stickers, along with others

Special things to look for:
„h There is a bracket welding to the frame by the steering stem (Right side if sitting on the bike) for the steering stabilizers. It would be very hard to remove without serious marks on the frame.
„h The natural gas tank is going to be hard to hide, they may try to order stock tanks.
„h There is a cable on both bikes that is taped to the front brake line for Enduro computers, along with a magnet mounted on the Front rotor.
„h The 99 has a Motion Pro front brake line that is routed like a Honda line, and has an ICO odometer (Enduro Computer) and special mount.
„h Both have the triple clamp bar mounts drilled and tapped, used for mounting enduro computers.
„h On the 99 there are 9¡¦s written in black marker on the front and rear rims. The 2000 has 0¡¦s written on them.
„h Both had the #24 on the side panels, and both have blue side panels with white backgrounds.
„h Both have Boyesen water pump covers.

I am a local AA Enduro Rider that has ridden for 20 years and race almost every weekend.  Unfortunately I have no insurance that covers these bikes, so that money I saved on insurance just put me in a big hole.

I would greatly appreciate it if you and your dealership could keep an ear and eye open for my bikes.  

Any information / help please call:

Ryan Moss   or Greg Moss
Home 815-654-9002 Home 815-877-2447
Cell 815-262-0269 Email
Pager 847-333-0530

hope we can help these guys out.



Ready to bang some trees!
Jan 4, 2000
Oh man I hate to hear that!  Greg had alot invested in those bikes!  With the Moss's so well known in the area its going to be hard to hide them!

Hope they catch the weasels!


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
Northern Illinois, but I am not sure where they were when stolen.
If they were home then diffently northern IL.

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