Billet Racing Products - excellent products and service

Apr 6, 2003
I wanted to let anyone who's in the market for triple clamps know that they should give Billet Racing Products a try. I just put a top BRP clamp on my '03 KX 250, and it is a work of art.

Their prices are competitive with the other big name companies, but where I think BRP stands out is in customer service. Their tech guy, Cameron Brewer, always answered my e-mails within 24 hours and was more than happy to help me get my bike set up, including:

1. exchanging the lower bar perches for taller ones at no charge so that I could get the correct bar height.

2. advising me on the right clamp to use and the proper bar position for Scott's stabilizer interface.

3. providing Cycra handguards with triple clamp mounts customized to fit BRP clamps as well as 10mm longer bolts for use with the mounts.

I'm not associated with BRP in any way, I just think that when one dirt bike rider has a good experience with a company he should share it with other dirt bike riders so that we can all choose the right people to do business with. :)