Aug 16, 2000
Well I'm 3 weeks into the season and have ruined yet another set of plastics on my '99 KDX220. I've been searching for a new look. I see that Acerbis has a wicked black KX plastic kit that looks awesome.

Anyone know the compatibility on putting KX plastic on a KDX? I'm pretty sure it would work for the front fender. How about the rad shrouds, would they line up? And I'm assuming the rear fender just won't work (I guess thats why Fredette makes the KX rear fender mod, but I could just paint that). I'm not really sure about the side covers either. Anyone attempt a conversion like this? If so, how tricky is it, or is it even possible?


Is there such thing as a KDX black plastic kit? (This would be just too easy wouldn't it?) :)

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'99 KDX220R

kaw Bill

Oct 1, 1999
It's eather UFO or Acerbis who make a black front fender for the KDX. Maier makes a black Mx style rear fender, and I found some black precut background in the Dennis Kirk catalog.
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