BLM - Ridgecrest, CA & Future Meeting


Mar 20, 2001
If you are in the Ridgecrest, CA area, please attend to show support for off-roaders, and to keeping trails open in this area !!

Rumor has it that the next BLM Desert District Advisory Council
meeting will be held in Ridgecrest on June 16 & 17, 2001.
There have been several changes to the advisory council since they met
in Ridgecrest last year. Among the new faces on the advisory council is
our own Kern County Supervisor, Jon McQuiston.
It is understood that the advisory council will take a tour of the Red
Mountain, and Jaw Bone areas. Wonder why the BLM never takes a tour of the
El Paso Mountains?
It seems that the advisory council meeting will focus a great deal on
motorized access. Please make arrangement to attend.

The New Review published a great article regarding the West Mojave
Management Plan open house held by the BLM and also the High Desert
Multiple Use Coalition rally. The article can be viewed on line at

Another article published by the Sacramento Bee exposes a Duke energy
million dollar payoff to environmentalists. According to the article, four
environmental groups signed an agreement not to file a lawsuit or
regulatory challenge that might slow or stop the expansion of the Moss
Landing Power Plant near Monterey Bay. In exchange the environmental
groups will receive a financial concession: $1 million from Duke for
environmental "monitoring and research." The full article is available on
line at

This information is provided by Ron Schiller, Chairman, High Desert
Multiple Use Coalition. As usual, please feel free to pass this
information on to any other interested parties. Anyone wishing to receive
future information regarding WEMO or issues related to the management of
public lands in the California Desert should send an e-mail to
[email protected] and request to be placed on the distribution
list. Please print "PLEASE ADD TO LIST" in the subject line.


Sep 22, 2000
Keep up the good work, :)

The BLM conducted an open house in Ridgecrest last week to unveil draft route closures in areas adjacent to the Ridgecrest area pertaining to the West Mojave Desert Plan.

Subject for the Flame Board,
"You know what bothers me?" Clark said. "Environmental groups get tons of donations. Their purpose is to protect and defend the environment. If a big corporation like Duke can come in and buy them off, I have a real problem with that."
Please say that it isn't so---:(---!

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