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Jul 18, 2006
Amo, IN
MSopm17 said:
Just bought a 2004 KDX you think it is necessary for me to get boots? If so which ones?

Yep.. proper gear is a must.

Go to a dealer and try some on. Find a boot that's comfortable and fits well.

Then consider, how much do you value your ankles and feet?


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Aug 2, 2000
as a just starting out guy, just google "motocross boots" and you'll find plenty of brand names.

otherwise, you'll get as many opinions as there are brands.

good luck.


Apr 18, 2006
For my purposes, the boots do several things:

1) Heat shield from the motor/exhaust

2) Protection from branches, rocks and other objects that you might brush up against while riding (even if you don't crash/fall)

3) Foot protection and ankle support when you put a foot down in a sharp turn.

4) Abrasion / impact resistance when you do fall and your leg is between the bike and the ground.

In my opinion, boots are a must. Anything is better than nothing, and you quickly get to a point of being adequate. Beyond that are issues of comfort, durability and fashion.

I tend to end up wearing the boots all day so they need to have a basic level of comfort. If your bike breaks down you may be walking back to camp so a reasonable fit is important. Buckles that break or won't stay closed can be really irritating.



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Jul 3, 1999
No one mentioned broken tibias ??? You should wear knee and shin guards , but boots also have those nice plastic things in front too. Its hard to start out, but the gear is a big deal. Helmet, goggles,knee shin guards and boots, gloves, chest/back protector.
Get them and use them :ride:
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