Bought 2001 KTM 400 M/XC any suggestions?!?


Aug 21, 2000
Hey! I just bought a 2001 KTM (my first) 400 M/XC RFS. Was wondering if there was anyone who could help me with some common (?) sense suggestions. I'm planning on running some Hare Scramble races primarily.

Example: What can come loose, what to keep an eye on, etc. I'm good with basic maintenance, but new to 4-strokes (and KTM)! Hoping to benefit from your experience(s). Thanks so much!


Mar 7, 2001
Anything and everything CAN come loose, but it depends mostly on the dealer's prep. Some dealers will go over the whole bike with loc-tite before they give it to you some won't touch anything they didn't personally have to put togeather. If you were just trail riding I would just keep track of everything after each ride. But racing puts a lot more stress on the bike and I would suggest you check every nut and bolt you can find, if you don't see any loc-tite take it off and put some in.
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