Apr 27, 2001
Well since this sight is sponsered by Boyesen and 90% of the guys on it are running Boyesen I'm assuming they are preferred. My problem is that I have an old FMF Ram valve in my '91 KDX 250 and it will only accept FMF reeds, unless I drill new holes in the Boyesen Reeds or the FMF valve. The Ram valve has three screw holes and the Boyesen reeds have four as do the stock reeds. Can't find FMF dual stage reeds listed for my bike on the FMF web site...haven't called them yet. I guess I could buy a Rad valve for $160 but most of you say it's not worth it over the stock reed block. Does anyone out there have any ideas...or perhaps a stock valve or used Rad.
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Mar 10, 2001
The FMF is basically a copy of the stock block, but nicer looking. The Boysen Rad valve made a huge difference in my 200. I say it is definatly worth the $$. BTW, I tried just the Boysen reeds in my stock block on my 240 and it was horrible. I wouldn't be drilling into anything to make it work but that is just me. Good luck.


PS I have 2 stock valves but they probably need the new rubber boot. That is another thing I realy like about the Boysen, no rubber boot to crack!

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