brand new to the pumpkin patch...need info



Hello Guys
I just got home with a brand new 250 MXC and could use some experienced opinions on setup for trails and woods. After I get her broken in properly is there a base line for jetting? What about flywheel weight? 8 or 12 oz? Finally is there a set up guide online or a good refence site for all-in-one KTM setup info? (jetting, suspension, hop up tips etc)




Nov 8, 1999
1st, Congrats! Welcome to the club. Patman will e-mail you the instructions for executing the secret handshake;) .

I think you should ride it just the way it is. Then start firing those questions. You will get lots of Very Strong Advice from this forum. There are many knowledgeable KTM riders here!

Have Fun!!


betoney-Here's the info I got from my dealer on my new 250 MXC: Drop the main and the pilot one size each. Move the needle clip from the 3rd to the 2nd position from the top. For starting, choke on, give 2-3 slow priming kicks and then kick it like ya mean it. Been about three months now, so far so good!:)

I think, but I'm not positive, that the MXC has a lighter flywheel weight than the EXC (someone has run off with my brochure!). And the lighting coils are the same.
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