Apr 13, 2000
I am a newbie to the 4-stroke scene and this forum.

My wife and I decided to move my son up from his PW80 so we purchased a new XR100. I think the new bike may have also sparked her interest in dirt bikes.

I listened to the lecture about break in from the dealer but after getting home and seeing they installed the handguards wrong I thought I would seek some advice here.

I tried a quick search but didnt come up with anything. Any advice would be appreciated.

Oh... has anyone else sat in the driveway trying to start the bike and realized you forgot to put the key in.



Dec 1, 1999
Ride a bit( I change it for the first time with less than an hour on the motor)
Change the oil.....
Ride somemore
Change the oil.....
Go ridding again
Change the oil.....

Air cooled 4 strokes like the XR's are bullet proof as long as they get fresh oil:)


Apr 17, 2001
Yep, I endorse that. Run it for about 10 min going slow and a little bit faster, a light load and no flat out racing , gentle braking, then let it cool. Run again for about 10 min and get a bit faster. Then change the oil. Then run it a bit more like 1 hour and change the oil. Now the important part. Check the spokes for tightness and do them up or get somebody who knows what they are doing and tension them. Have the bolts everywhere checked that they are tight, check the chain and clean and oil the air filter. If you arte not sure about the the dealer clean and reoil the filter before it goes anywhere. Then ride, ride, ride. The key on the 2001 XR's is funny. Bit stupid but you can at least say thats it and take the key out.


Apr 17, 2001
I've done the same thing with the key on my sons XR80, and wedecided to smply pull the ignition completely since it only acts as a ground interupt. Disconnect the whole unit pull it out of the frame and no more problems or forgetting. :)
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