Mar 25, 2001
I recently had to send in my cylinder to get welded up and replated. i also got a pro lite piston form weisco. when i got it back it had a small pin whole where they had to weld up a crack. will this be ok?also how do i properly break it in. i don't want to spend the same amount of $$$ as i did this time cuz of an improper break in. Thanx in advance.

David Trustrum

Jan 25, 2001
I think he means the bore had a nick in it. It is common practise to weld up damage before replating so don’t sweat it if it was a reputable plating firm.

Just go easy & don’t put it under too much load for the first couple of rides.

Ie don’t go to the uphill deep sand & mudbogs track first off. Vary the revs to help the rings seat into the bore. Some favour getting a couple of heat cycles through the engine before you take it for a ride. This sort of topic has as many theories as there are people willing to stand on a soap box & shout them.

Have heard of people welding the top of 4 stroke pistons for more comp & filling holes in 2 stroke pistons. Barking mad every one of them.


Feb 7, 2000
Sounds like the pinhole is in the cylinder. I would watch the plating in that area to see if it flakes off. If it does, send it back. Run the piston through two heat cycles. Warm it up thoroughly, and let it cool down completely. Twice. Then go ahead and ride it.
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